"Singing His Praises"

Psalm 101:1
Calvary's Hill Quartet
Miss Grace.
Miss Grace on fire for the Lord!!
Miss Grace, our bus, gave us a little scare Sun night enroute back from Delaware. Apparently the exhaust pipe caught the floor of the bus on fire under Scotty's bunk! Scotty was able to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher, but the firemen destroyed the floor in the back room looking for smoldering embers. (See more pix on Gallery page)
Thanks to the Grace of God, no one was hurt, and Miss Grace can be repaired. But it will take money, which is one thing we don't have too much of. If you should be so inclined, we are a 501c3 corp and any donations may be deductible. A PayPal "Donate Button" below where you can use either PayPal or a credit card. We would also covet your prayers, first of thanks that no one was hurt, and secondly, that we can get Miss Grace back on the road before Sept 9th, our next singing date.
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